A collection of projects I have been working on.

Easy Airtable API

An easier-to-use alternative to the official Airtable Node.js library, offering full TypeScript support and numerous helpful utility functions for streamlined development.


Website for a leading e-bike retailer with over 120 stores in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

PHPTailwind CSSReactJavaScriptPuppeteerBun

A Shopify web store for The Good Store Berlin, a high-fashion vintage shop based in Berlin.


Website for Crescendo, the premier classical music magazine, known for its comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of the classical music scene.

PHPReactJavaScriptTailwind CSSNode.js

Website for Fabio Curto's solar power installation business. Need a solar roof? He'll install it on your roof.

AstroTailwind CSS

Festspiel-Guide is a comprehensive ticket portal for cultural events in opera and theater.

PHPTailwind CSSTypeScriptNode.js

Privacy Analyser

A Node.js application that scrapes websites to identify GDPR privacy violations.


The official website of opera singer Ludovic Tézier.

PHPTailwind CSSJavaScript

A website for Hush Hush, the privacy activist NGO.

ReactAstroTailwind CSS

A website that helps users find e-bikes financed through their workplace benefits.

PHPTailwind CSSJavaScript

Foyer is a video collection platform focused on classical music, opera, and theater performances.

PHPTailwind CSSJavaScript

The official website of tenor Jonas Kaufmann.

PHPTailwind CSSJavaScript


A memory card game showcasing Simon Freund’s work.


Website for PortMedia, a cultural marketing agency based in Munich.

Tailwind CSSJavaScripteleventy

A portfolio website for jewelry designer Daniela Werth.

Tailwind CSSJavaScriptPHP

The official website of the company ROARK GmbH.

SvelteBunTailwind CSS

The website of copywriter Agnes Bachmaier.

HTMLTailwind CSSJavaScript

The official website of writer and director Thomas Voigt.


A social media platform, shop, and marketplace website for the camper van community.


The official website of opera singer Cornelia Lanz.

HTMLTailwind CSSJavaScript

Personal website of Juliamarie Curto.

AstroTailwind CSS

An online installation displaying the artist Simon Freund's financial situation in real-time.


A collection of shops that delivered to homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The official website of actress Virginia V. Hartmann.


A Place We Share is an online installation where users select a color and join a shared utopian space.