In these moments, in the entirety of her public life, Angelyne is not a human being trying to carry on a conversation. She’s the woman from the billboard. “Were you on the news yesterday?” a woman asks. “I hadn’t heard of you before yesterday. Can I get a picture?” “It’ll be a $20 donation,” Angelyne informs her. The woman declines.

Many balk at the $20 asking price, a price she charges because, as a woman who claims she refuses to “sell out” to corporate interests, her interpersonal relations are her revenue stream. She may have been a forerunner to celebrities like the Kardashians, but she’ll never affix her name to diet pills or use the hashtag #BrandedContent. The trunk of her signature pink Corvette is filled with her own self-produced merchandise. In this regard, as in so many others, she is, indeed, a person out of time.