Day-Lewis is well known for the immersive preparation that he undergoes for his roles—he made a couture dress for his wife, Rebecca Miller, before playing Woodcock—and also for his interest in crafts, including shoemaking, which he once spent about a year studying in Italy. He will now have more time to pursue such interests in retirement, if he wishes.

Glasgow is not certain whether he will take up the baton that Day-Lewis has put down, though he would certainly like to act again. “My business is a bit like theatre,” he said. “You adapt yourself to the client. If it’s the Duke of Bedford, you say, ‘Yes, m’lud, how are you, m’lud.’ I was brought up in that era where you are very subservient. But, with the wealth today, there are lots of people who have loads of money and they are, like, ‘ ’Allo, mate, ’ow’s it goin’?’ And they are prepared to order a lot of shoes.”

Rebecca Mead, Old Shoe, The New Yorker March 5 2018