No more soft and cuddly feelings for Greece. This country is not a victim of its creditors but actually a borderline spend-thrift, sovereign criminal. It is time for the truth and the economic truth is horrifically unpleasant. +/- 2% of Euro-zone GDP and 99% of the mind-share and headaches. And my husband calls me “high maintenance“? Give me a break. Greece is the ultimate drama-queen.


To Greece’s credit [no pun intended] the recent election was both free + democratic. But think about it…the vote centered on whether, or not, to approve of more favorable terms from their “sugar daddies”…including a debt “haircut”. What deeply indentured debtor wouldn’t vote for that? I’m surprised that almost 40% of the people voted against it…perhaps they were just misinformed as to the meaning of a “yes” vote?

Dominique Dassault, Time To Tell Greece To “Shove It”: No More “Free-Loading”